The Experts

On paper, we may be a team of entrepreneurs, tech tinkerers, and researchers. Yet in our multi-faceted reality, we are also thinkers, rebels, challengers, dreamers and so much more. These core values are what drives us to build Meta Universe, and to unlock the potential of brick-and-mortar businesses in any industry towards a new, exciting virtual world.

Khalid Gibran

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Businessman in the team

23 years building and executing businesses in 3 Continents and 15 countries

Established successful businesses in various fields such as Retail, Ecommerce, All things NFT 7 Metaverse in Asia Pac, South East Asia, Middle East, and South Asia

Vision – enable Enterprises – Large, Medium, Small, and Micro to monetize and leverage their assets in the Metaverse. He is a specialist in Enterprise Monetisation strategies in the Metaverse.

Mobile: +6012 7301469

Richard Raj


Industry 4.0 and new ways-of-working expert and evangelist. Seasoned in delivering digital initiatives around the globe.


Ameer Khan

Partner | Director Sub Continent

A visionary by heart Ameer Y. Khan has a long career in university teaching, Higher education, career counselling, training and corporate consultancy. With his expertise in e-learning, he is at the forefront of shaping the future of education and helping learners thrive in the digital age.

As a dynamic entrepreneur, he has tremendous ability to operate courageously in challenging business environments.


Furqan Aziz

Director | CTO

A dynamic and result orientied Enterpreneur with a diverse experience in Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, Games, Web and Mobile Apps.


Jeremy Joo

Director | COO

An experienced blockchain and Web 3 enthusiast with expertise in Tokenomics smart contracts, decentralized finance and digital asset management.


Azli Mohamed

Director | Advisor

A technology and transformational specialist with a wealth of experience in developing and delivering innovative transformation solutions across various industries.


Nick Yung

CEO Mu Academy

An expert in coaching and delivering exeptioanl education in the Web 3 space.


Hasnan Hassan

Executive Director

The networking supremo in the team and a specialist with big brands.

His uncanny ability in convincing decision makers to see the value in investing in the metaverse.

Mobile: +6012 3931880